Ammunition Companies

The following companies produce .22 rimfire ammunition. Click on the name to find out more about each companies .22 rimfire ammunition. I have not attempted to list each manufacturers complete line up of .22 rimfire offerings, as it is common for these companies to change their offers as new cartridges are designed and others are eliminated due to obsolecence, poor sales, or manufacturing changes occur. (Note: There maybe other companies which produce .22 rimfire ammunition that is not listed here.)


Aguila  is a Mexican company which produces a variety of rimfire ammunition. Centurion Ordnance Inc., is the exclusive importer of this ammunition into the United States. Their line up include the usual subsonic, standard velocity, and high velocity rounds. In addition, Aguila manufactures what they call their SSS or Sniper Subsonic round. This cartridge uses a .22 short case coupled to a very heavy for a rimfire, 60 grain lead bullet. Aguila also makes a round they call the Super Colibri round. It uses a .22 short case, like the SSS, but has no powder and relies on the priming mixture to propel it's 20 grain bullet (Caution should be used with this ammunition because it is quite possible to lodge a bullet in the barrel of a rifle, because of it's very low power). 

Armscor  ammunition is made in the Philipines. At the time of this writing they were producing .22 shorts and .22 magnum cartridges, as well as .22 long rifle in several configurations.

CCI  is an American company based in Lewiston, Idaho. The rimfire ammunition line up includes .22 short, long, long rifle, and magnum cartridges. Their long rifle ammo comes in subsonic, standard, high, and hyper velocities and with differing bullet weights. The produce ammo intended for hunting, plinking, target shooting, and match quality.

Eley  is made in the United Kingdom and their top of the line ammunition is known by the name Tenex. This ammunition has an excellent reputation in match competitions.

Federal  is an American company that produces a wide variety of .22 rimfire ammunition, including target, hunting, and match grade cartridges. Some of Federal's lower grade ammunition is available in bulk packaging of several hundred rounds per box, making this ammo ideal for those who want cheap practice ammunition. 

Fiocchi  has it's base in Italy, but owns a manufacturing plant in the USA. 

Lapua .22 rimfire ammunition is made in Germany. Their high end rimfire ammunition, like Eley, has an excellent reputation in match competitions.

Remington  is an American company based in Madison, North Carolina. Like Federal, Remington has an extensive array of .22 rimfire ammunition, some of which is package in bulking containing several hundred rounds.

RWS  is made in Germany.

SK Jagd  is manufactured in Germany.

Winchester  is another American company and was responsible for the development of .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire or what is commonly known as the .22 WMR or just .22 Magnum. This company also has a line of .22 long rifle that is bulk packaged, similar to Remington and Federal. 

Wolf  is manufactured in Germany by SK for Wolf. This rimfire ammunition is available under the labels Wolf Match Target and Wolf Match Extra. I haven't personally used the Match Extra at the time of this writing, but I do have experience with Match Target. The lead bullets are heavily coated with a waxy lubricant and it has performed well in most of my .22 rimfire guns. The exception is one Ruger 10-22 semi automatic rifle which has been modified with an after market barrel with a tight chamber. It performs quite well for the price.
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